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Rugged Rugby Tour Denver spotlights women’s rugby All-Star game.

The tough, physical sport of rugby boasts the exact same rules for women, exact same ball, and exact same field size.  On July 28th the speed, strength and creativity of women’s rugby will be center stage at the Rugged Rugby Tour  Denver. The game that involves scrummages, rucks, mauls, and passing backwards will be played by USA’s top women players in an East vs. West game.

The players will feed from the 10 teams of the Women’s Premier League.  The Women’s Premier League (WPL) features the nation’s top women’s rugby talent and is the highest level of senior club 15s competition in the U.S.  Joanna Kitlinski, Sara Chobot, and Christiane Pheil are just a few of the USA rugby stars that will be on field.

The exposure at Rugged Rugby Tour is crucial to the growth of the women’s game. Rugby is creating a pathway to inspire a generation of young girls with rugby’s strong values.

“To have the women on the main stage at an event like this allows us to help the standard of the women’s rugby in America.”  comments Angelo Tanner President of the Rugged Rugby Tour.  “It’s a way to younger girls to get into the game of rugby and aspire to be world class athletes.”

The nearly nonstop action will be played a University of Denver Pioneer field with the kick-off scheduled for 1:30 pm.

With more than 20,000 registered females in USA Rugby, the U.S. has more female rugby players than any other country.

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About Rugged Rugby Tour

The Rugged Rugby Tour is an original entertainment platform that showcases the epic game of rugby. We introduce new and loyal fans to a community experience through the sport of rugby, music and a festival of style and fun. Surrounded by the high-performance sport of rugby, our events are impactful, entertaining, and engaging. The entertainment and the energy of a festival defines the Rugged Rugby Tour experience, but the core of rugby values is our personality. The Rugged Rugby Tour offers a place for the community to come together in one of the most friendly and entertaining sports climates.

If this is your first game or you are a loyal rugby fanatic, Rugged Rugby Tour is the perfect way to enjoy a superb rugby experience.

Are you new to “Saturday is a Rugby Day”?

No rugby game day experience is complete without a couple of hours spent in pre-match revelry.  The Rugged Rugby Tour pre-party and tailgate is an important part of a rugby game.  The “Saturday is a Rugby Day” ritual is an event for all ages and fan types.  The social values of rugby are very important to the legacy of the sport.  The best time to learn about the sport is pre-game with friends and family.   Throw the ball around, play some games and socialize to the music of our pre-game DJ.

At the Rugged Rugby Tour, we cover all the essentials for the tailgate so simply show up ready to have a great time.  Be treated to adult and non-alcoholic beverages then grab some great food made over the grill.  You will have a chance to win some great prizes, play some great games and see the players up close while they warm up for the big game.

Take a picture at the Social Media Wall and share using #ruggedrugbytour to win official apparel and merchandise.

Post-Game Concert

The best times of rugby are the stories, songs and camaraderie after the games. The respect and sportsmanship exemplified by players and fans after the game is an experience you won’t want to miss.   Enjoy the post-game celebration starting at 4:00 pm with a live entertainment experience. The concert will have a wide range of music for everyone from Current Hits, R&B, Rock and Pop. The concert will be sure to provide an unforgettable rugby experience.
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