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CHICAGO – June 18, 2018 – PRLog — Rugby has a unique way of making impressions.   At Walter Daniels Construction rugby has found a way into the culture of the company and hooking employees that haven’t ever played.  The love and values of the game have pushed Walter Daniels Construction to an official sponsor of rugby with the Rugged Rugby Tour.

The values from rugby came from a few employees that play the game at the company, something that CEO Walter Kramer noticed quickly.   He noticed that these employees portrayed a high degree of discipline, integrity, teamwork and loyalty.  Walter quotes, “I’ve always said Rugby Players make the best Carpenters”

The positive impact of rugby and its marketability were a perfect match for Walter Daniels Construction’s marketing plan.   The plan was to create content and association with the sport.  Walter Daniels Construction employees, customers, vendors and partners all get into the discussion of why rugby is important to them.

“We now have discussions versus talking at people.” comments Walter Kramer. “We get to share the experience of rugby, the values, and show a side of our company that isn’t just about the construction business.”

About Walter Daniels Construction

Walter Daniels Construction is an industry leading commercial General Contractor based out of Chicago, IL. For over 5 decades, the highly skilled team at Walter Daniels has dedicated themselves to provide unparalleled construction services and value to a broad level of clients in the commercial business market.  Walter Daniels has delivered some of the most diverse, high-quality projects from full Pre-Construction, Project Supervision and Post Construction services whether it be New, Remodel, Rebuild, or Site Work. Industry sectors may include, but are not limited to Retail, Restaurant, Fueling Stations, Airport, Municipality\Public & Light Industrial Facilities.

About Rugged Rugby Tour

The Rugged Rugby Tour is a re-imagined format for watching and enjoying rugby. If this is your first game or you are a loyal rugby fanatic, Rugged Rugby Tour is the perfect way to enjoy a superb rugby experience.    We introduce new and loyal fans to a community experience through the sport of rugby, music and a festival of style and fun. The entertainment and the energy of a festival defines the Rugged Rugby Tour experience, but the core of rugby values is our personality. The Rugged Rugby Tour offers a place for the community to come together in one of the most friendly and entertaining sports climates.

If this is your first game or you are a loyal rugby enthusiast Rugged Rugby Tour is the perfect way to watch a superb rugby experience to learn how to “Make Every Day A Rugby Day.”

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