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The Rugged Rugby Tour kicks off on May 12th in Florida and a new era of rugby will be unleashed in the United States. Not only will spectators be treated to a full day of great rugby action, but fans of the sport can get their hands on some cool Rugged Rugby merchandise.

Rugged Rugby Tour official merchandise

The Rugged Rugby Tour will offer great apparel for new and old rugby fans alike thanks to Rugby Pro. The tour has recently partnered with Rugby Pro and the clothing company will be the official merchandise supplier for the Rugged Rugby Tour. Each Rugged Rugby Tour stop will give fans the chance to see hard hitting rugby and it will also allow those in attendance to get their hands on some of the coolest rugby inspired gear available.

Rugby Pro is focused on sharing our passion of the sport with an American audience. As the USA’s fastest growing sport, Rugby Pro knows just how big of a hit the sport can be in the US. Just like the Rugged Rugby Tour, Rugby Pro wants to help the sport grow in the US and beyond.

American heritage

Rugby maybe a sport many Americans aren’t familiar with currently; but the sport has helped build our American character. American football emerged from rugby centuries ago. Born out of the British game of rugby, American football became a more rigid version of the sport with stricter rules. In 1874, rugby’s first recorded game took place in the US. Since then, the sport has been fragmented throughout the country with most rugby clubs existing in New England, Florida and on the west coast. Over the decades, rugby has been under the radar until now as it will explode this summer thanks to the Rugged Rugby Tour.

The Sport we love

Rugby is a true team sport unlike any other. Each player must contribute to the overall team. Unlike American football, where only a select few players are relied upon to score, rugby is a game in which each player has the opportunity to carry the ball and score points. The sport’s values of tradition, teamwork, respect, character, sportsmanship, enjoyment and entertainment are all easy to see in a rugby match and exhibited by each player.

Rugged Craftmanship

It is these elements that go into every item created by Rugby Pro. Ruggedness and sophistication take part in the crafting and design of Rugby Pro’s American fashioned lifestyle brand. Rugby fans will be able to get their hands on Rugby Pro’s apparel on the May 4th tour stop in Colorado and the May 12th stop in Florida.

A Rugby Lifestyle

Rugby Pro showcases rugby inspired t-shirts, jackets and high-quality accessories with an American influence. The company’s clothing is very different than your typical sports clothing brand and its designs set it apart from the rest of the pack.

This May, make every day a rugby day with the Rugged Rugby Tour and Rugby Pro. Don’t miss your chance to see the best rugby and lifestyle festival around; and don’t miss your opportunity to get the hottest new rugby inspire clothing.

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