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The Players Network

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What is the Players Network?

The Players Network is a hub for players looking to go professional and what it takes to build a brand, get noticed, and prepare for a professional career in rugby.

Welcome to the Players Network

Welcome to the Player Network by National Rugby Post. Subscribe as we coach you through the fundamentals of building a brand, the business of rugby, and preparing for your time under the big lights to roar of the people. First things first. You have to get noticed....

Branding for rugby players: Values And Messaging

How To Brand Like An Athlete: Values And Messaging As the professional age of rugby in America begins to blossom with PRO Rugby entering its second season and rumors of more semi-professional and professional rugby entities popping up around the United States, what...

Social Media for Players

Understanding Social Media Social media can make or break you in the modern age. For aspiring professional athletes, especially rugby athletes looking to get involved in the burgeoning professional opportunities in America, social media can be a powerful weapon to get...