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American Rugby meet Crowdfunding; Crowdfunding meet American Rugby

Over the past year there has been a lot of conversation and movement in American Rugby. Rugby Catalyst has been focused on those conversations and movement by becoming a strategic partner and investor in the sport of rugby. It has one differentiating talking point that no one else has been discussing and that is Investment Crowdfunding. Rugby Catalyst understands that for the sport of rugby to grow in the United States, clubs and organizations need means of raising capital to support their growth plans.  Earlier this year there was a change to the JOBS Act that will now allow for ordinary people to invest into everyday businesses and organizations. With laws dating back to the early 1900’s, this sort of investment was prohibited, however the new Title III Act will allow for non-accredited investors to invest into securities backed investments. What does this mean for the sport of rugby, this means that now clubs, organizations or rugby related business can now tap into the vast crowd of rugby enthusiast as potential investors.

There are nearly half a million registered rugby players in the US and many more fans and supporters, or what we call the “crowd”. With rugby being the fastest growing sport in American today, the crowd that rugby draws on is only growing exponentially. The concept and practice of crowdfunding has been around for about 10 years now, but the idea of Investment Crowdfunding is a new practice. Rugby Catalyst can take its experience in crowdfunding and apply it to investment crowdfunding for rugby centric organizations and businesses.

Imagine if your club, organization or business could raise $100k, $250k, $500k or even $1MM through its members, fans and supporters? Think about how we could grow the game that we all love and cherish so much. Instead of trying to reach a handful of investors to invest thousands of dollars each, you can now seek small investment amounts from thousands of people (the crowd). The benefit is two-fold, not only are we providing exciting investment opportunities for investors looking for non-traditional investments, but also now are creating more engaged fans and supporters, which ultimately breads more champions for American Rugby.

Rugby Catalyst is excited about the opportunities American Rugby has head of itself for 2017 and beyond. It sees the need for Investment Crowdfunding to be an integral component to the successful growth and commercialization of American Rugby. Rugby Catalyst has the tools, expertise and experience to help rugby clubs and organizations build and execute a successful crowdfunding campaign. If you or someone you know needs help raising money for their Rugby centric business or organization, send them to Rugby Catalyst.

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Angelo Tanner, President and Managing Partner

Rugby Catalyst